New revenue platform based on
linguistic (NLP) analysis of comments and news articles

We use NLP to detect hate speech in comments!

Natural Language Processing  •  Linguistic Science  •  Business Intelligence  •  Privacy compliant

Bunch.ID is a product for post-cookie targeting and "audience first" new revenue for publishers

GDPR and anti-tracking measures implemented by browsers has forced publishers to think about how to monetize their first-party data.
We've always thought that the problem was not in advertising itself but in its intrusive forms and the fact that advertising content is often not related to topics that interest readers in present moment.

Value of comments & NLP of news articles

Analise with our NLP platform your articles and place ads related to your content and readers interest.
You can place contextual ads or subscription call to action.
All should be related to context and readers interest.
Get the most of your first data!


Financial Times has found that readers who comment are 7 times more engaged.

New researches shows commenters are 5 times more likely to buy than regular subscribers and signficant more than just readers (non-engaged readers).

What’s more, the readers who comment on stories are typically those who are most engaged with the content, which makes them more valuable to advertisers, based on the newest research data.

55% of Americans have left an online comment and 77.9% have read the comments.

There’s no stronger indication of interest in a topic than a user contributing and original thought about it.

Our product

Bunch.ID is advertising & BI platform that use linguistic analysis of online comments section or articles to generate new profit for publishers. By analyzing conversation & language, we can determine socio-economic status, gender, brand interest, topic interest, personality and even political opinions.

While most publishers are monetizing their sites above the fold — with banner ads and other display units — readers actually spend more time toward the middle and bottom of the pages.  
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By collecting and analysing data and by merging with online marketing bases, we can produce advertising that is fully linked to the reader’s current focus.

Monetizing this section could bring commercial benefit for publishers too and encourage them to invest more time in moderating commenting section and to open conversation and commenting possibilities for more topics.

BunchID can help publishers

to gain new revenue by

BunchID can help publishers to gain new revenue by

Targeted subscriptions calls
based on active readers
interests and conversations

Promoting targeted articles related on current discussion

Placing targeted ads to
active users based on their interests

How it works

By collecting and analysing data and by merging with online marketing bases, we can produce advertising that is fully linked to the reader’s current focus.

Solution is based on user generated content, artificial intelligence and linguistic analysis

Solution is based on context, it promote clean advertising linked to the reader’s current focus

Solution honours user’s privacy by not being based on private data or browsing history - GDPR compliant

Solution offers desktop and mobile advertising while targeting your most valuable active users.

What & how

By analyzing language, we can determine socio-economic status, gender, brand/topic of interest, personality and even political ideologies
Promoted articles will be contextual – based on discussion and linguistic analysis (better targeting)

With better UX it diminishes risk of connecting brands with negative comments
It is in accordance with EU regulations like GDPR – we don’t use private data

Campaing target

Target your campaign and relate your ads and promo with reader’s interest and conversations. Target engaged users!

Sentiment analysis

Understand the overall opinion, feeling, or attitude about your brand expressed in a block of comments or article.

Entity recognition

Identify entities within comments like your brand, organization, location, events, products! Or target your competition!

Gender analyser

By analysing text and using NLP component you can get quite accurate gender detection and use that data in campaign targeting.

Content classification

Content Classification analyzes a document and returns a list of content categories that apply to the text found in the document.

Obscenity action

Solution detects obscene words and extreme negative comments as you don’t want your ad to be placed near harmful content.


News portal XY has an interesting article on Audi’s innovations in automobile industry.
There is a very live conversation in comments section on best cars on the market that offer similar solutions already. One of the topic in the conversation is specific feature Citroen has.

Platform BunchID is informing publisher through interactive dashboard about Citroen topic in conversation and automatically place relevant targeted ad.
This is an input for editors about new sponsored articles about Citroen cars and possibilty for new revenue.

Start your campaign! Select interest parameters, start competition tracking parameters, add your banner.

Our platform searches all published articles regardless of the topic. You can select specific content groups or you can also select specific authors.

When platform detects conversation about your brand, actions you’ve selected are triggered like: posting your banner, tracking conversation and emotions related to your brand or competition.

Keep track of what's going on through your campaign analytics. You can increase your presence at any time, react in the case of negative comments, shorten your campaign, extend it ...

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About us

We’re not just a team of business professionals but we’re friends for more than 15 years who share same interest for innovations … mixing friendship and business works very well for us not only because of trust but because of our professional diversity and ability to see projects from different angles.
We believe that trust and team diversity is crucial for project success.
20 years of experience in managing large scale projects, enterprise sale and marketing. Our Management Board has a flexible, forward-thinking approach to business decisions using the expertise and knowledge acquired in working with large scale clients, media sector and EU funded projects.
UX design
We take quite a lot of time on design and user experience design. We have a team of awarded designers and believe UX is very important for product success. That’s why BunchID is intuitive and easy to navigate. Our team designed many large scale news portals so we’re quite familiar with publishing industry needs and trends.
Development & Support
Our development team made sure BunchID is stable, secure and scalable. It’s open for integration with your IT architecture. We have a team of senior developers with experience in natural language processing applications (NLP), advertising platforms development while using latest methodology in coding and implementation of security standards and support.


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Bunch.ID is co-financed by European Union funds from the European Regional Development Fund

The project is co-financed by EU funds from the European Regional Development Fund through OP Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020. as part of the WWW SME Voucher Competition, Call Reference KK.